About Hogewoning

With a history of more than 90 years, Hogewoning became the market leader in designing and distributing natural decorations, all “inspired by nature”. Don't look elsewhere when you want the latest trends! Besides, our products play an important role in the natural home decoration market. We approach the market in an innovating way and we are your strategic supply partner. Orders can be placed with a 100% guaranteed delivery .


Business segments

As important distributor, Hogewoning uses catalogues, trade shows, internet and a network of sales representatives to sell to a wide range of customers. Continuous product development, superior understanding of the market and professional logistics enable us to fulfill the wishes of our clients. Hogewoning customers are wholesalers, department stores, exporters, gift shops and ‘Gardencenter all over the world. In addition: Hogewoning also designs and manufactures exclusive products for sales under private label for chain stores all over the world.





The history of the company goes back to 1926, the year in which Willem Hogewoning, grandfather of the present owners, started his own dried flower business at the age of 21. Sales initially took place through the flower auctions. Later on the assortment of dried flowers was expanded by means of import of different species from many countries.

The product lines Natural Decorations and Dried Flowers “inspired by Nature” were the first Natural Home Decorations. From the seventies, the company became a professional export-oriented organization and started an unprecedented period of growth, with the whole world as its market. At the present time Hogewoning also imports a large range of products from countries as Brazil, China, India, Philippines, Mexico, Kenya and South-Africa.




Trends and designs

Hogewoning is well known for its creative designs, innovative use of natural materials and exceptional quality. We have a team of designers and a network of talented independent creative people who develop home decoration exclusively for Hogewoning.






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